Learn about Biologic maple syrup

Learn about Biologic maple syrup

With all the environmental challenges and the current relevance of this issue, people pay more attention to what they are consuming. They want to eat products that have integrity, but also that don’t cause the environment to be in an even more precarious situation. It’s even more accurate with the younger generation that wants to see the society change around them and be more conscious and aware about the world in which we are living. The community is listening to their concerns and it creates a shift in certain mentalities. We feel that it is our responsibility to also take a stand and act towards sustainable development. That is why we are proud to say that the maple syrup industry is gradually changing and offering the consumers more organic syrups. When we produce our pure maple syrup, we always think about what is best for the future of our planet and we try to give you a product that has integrity and that is close to what we believe in. It is so relevant to our reality today that we must adapt and be in sync with what a quantity of consumers wants.

Concretely, the biologic way of life centers the environment and the sustainable development as their primary values. Therefore, when making biologic maple syrup, we always have this in mind. Biologic maple syrup producers must respect a bunch of requirements beforehand to be allowed to say that their maple is biologic. It is a big change for a maple syrup producer and it is a process that takes time. There are a number of considerations to take into account. Amongst others, the producers need to make sure that their maple grove assures the preservation of the trees and the durability of their production. For instance, they can’t decide to clear the space and keep only the maple trees, they need to make sure that it is also possible for other trees to prosper there and it is not allowed to make more than three notches to collect maple water in one single tree, no matter how big it is. These are only few examples amongst multiple regulations that show that it is really thought in a perspective of durability and conservation. Also, it complicates a lot of things regarding the machinery, the cleaning products that are allowed and the fertilizers that are sometimes used. Everything needs to be rethought and modified to ensure that the maple product is close to nature and that it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. For example, the choice of fertilization products is restrained and not necessarily encouraged. It may be hard to adapt sometimes and change their ways, but this transition is for a greater good. To be even considered to offer biologic maple syrup, these products and processes that are not allowed must not have been used in the maple grove for at least 36 months prior to the investigation.

It is also a very long procedure. In Canada, a maple producer can’t simply declare that his products are biologic even if he follows a long list of regulations. The labelling of bio products is really strict and before a company can classify that, they need to be inspected by an independent organization. There are few organizations that provide the biologic certification, amongst them : EcoCert, TcoCert and more. A chosen company come each year to the maple grove to verify that the producers still respect the biologic norms and they check everything : production, cleaning process, storage, etc. This means that once the maple producers have the certification, they have to continue the good work and follow the standards because it could be withdrawn at any time. These producers really need to commit to this change and most of all preserve it long term.

Since the inspection organizations are independent, it means that you can trust that they are objective and it is a guaranty that you can rely on as a consumer. These organizations are created to assure that the best products are offered to you and mostly to give you truth and transparency. Hence, if you see the biologic stamp on a bottle of Canadian maple syrup, you can be confident that it is accurate, that the restrictions were respected and that it was verified.

Therefore, it is possible for you to find a syrup that is produced eco-responsibly and most of all you can know that you are consuming something that is as one with your own personal beliefs. That means, that luckily, you don’t have to get rid of maple syrup in you daily routine to save the planet. You can still have pancakes whilst planning your next environmental revolution. 




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