Does pure maple syrup go bad ?

Does pure maple syrup go bad ?

The worst nightmare for a Canadian? Buying significant quantities of maple syrup and then, having the deception that it expired or forgetting a can of that golden syrup in the back of the pantry. Don’t panic about that only thought, because we Canadians know that there is not a lot of probabilities that this happens. Do you?

This won’t come as a big surprise, as you all know well, maple syrup is quite sweet. Therefore, just like jam, the natural sugars in the maple syrup increase the conservation period. According to Canadian norms, it is an obligation to boil maple syrup at exactly 66 degrees Brix. 66 degrees Brix describes the perfect sugar density that is so very important to transform maple syrup and to ensure its preservation. If it is boiled over that level, maple syrup will be more likely to crystalize and if it is under, maple syrup could present mold. The more the maple water boils, the more the evaporation is substantial, which leads to increase the sugar density and turns the water into maple syrup. It is stored at this level of degrees to guarantee that the syrup will still be good in a few months. Hence, if you keep it in your pantry at the right temperature, you shouldn’t have any problems. Just like any other canned goods, your maple syrup could last an extended amount of time.

However, once you open your maple syrup container, the conservation recommendations shift a little. The thing is, when you open the container, the evaporation of the product starts again and consequently, the sugar level changes and the maple is more likely to crystalize. To maintain the same level of quality, you have to keep it in the refrigerator and in an airtight container. This way, it will slow the process of crystallization and you should have peace of mind. Having a syrup that “goes bad” comes from leaving it open.

But how are we certain that this apply for every bottle we have? In Canada, there is an organization, Acer Division Inspection Inc, that controls the quality of every production of maple syrup. They have strict norms and amongst them, the degrees Brix is required to be at least 66. The ones that don’t reach these standards simply don’t make the selection and can’t be sold nor exported. This organization certifies that all Canadian maple syrups that are sold have the same quality, so no one ends up having a bad surprise. These norms also ensure that the syrup will last the consumers for as long as they need. We have a reputation to keep and we don’t disappoint. Even though, between you and I, we all know that maple syrup doesn’t last too long once you’re used to having it in your life and know how to make the most of it.

There are different types of maple syrup. The most renowned of all, is certainly the 100% authentic Canadian maple syrup. Pure maple syrup contains no additives. By that I mean that except the transformation of texture, there is no difference of ingredients between the original component, maple water, and the final product, maple syrup. The conservation of pure maple syrup is just like the one presented to you in this text, therefore these recommendations apply for most maple syrup.  Although, I can’t confirm that for maple syrups that are full of additives. We try to offer you an authentic maple syrup, so according to our experience, pure maple doesn’t really go bad if it’s kept in the right conditions. The conservation difference is more noticeable between the grades of maple syrup. Don’t get me wrong, the four grades have a great capacity of conservation, but if you leave it to the open, light-colored syrups will be more sensitive to crystallization that the darker-colored ones. Know that, this phenomenon is only caused by natural differences between the grades, it’s the composition that varies a little. But again, if you leave both syrups in airtight containers once they are open, you should not have a lot of problems.

How to ultimately ensure that you won’t waste any maple syrup? It might seem pretty obvious, but to guarantee that your maple syrup won’t go bad, you have to learn how to make the most of it and to stock it wisely. Sure, it is amazing on pancakes, waffles and all the breakfast related dishes, however, the possibilities don’t entirely resume to that. You have to learn how to cook with it and once you do, you’ll realize that you can put maple syrup in almost anything and everything. For instance, use maple syrup to replace the refined sugar that you put in recipes. I’m telling you, the flavors are richer and it is a more natural sugar. My personal advice, explore and try new things and you might be surprise to see that actually, maple is a great substitute that goes great with almost every food, just name it !



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