Is maple syrup a good sugar and how can it replace refined sugar ?

Is maple syrup a good sugar and how can it replace refined sugar ?

Sugar, we can barely live without it. Almost everything we consume contains a certain amount of it. Whether we like it or not, it is true with deserts as much as with marinades. There is so much “hidden” sugar as well that we are not really paying attention to. It might be in soft drinks or in sauces, wherever. Although, do you actually know what is contained in those refined sugars? Let me tell you, it is not all natural, it is processed a lot to obtain this end product. Consequently, refined sugar doesn’t have the best reputation on the market. The excessive intake of these sugary products is a worldwide problem and it can definitely affect your health. Many studies show that it could have a part to play in the causing of various illnesses, in other words, it is recommended to avoid it as much as possible.

Moreover, sugar on itself doesn’t contain any nutriments, unlike maple syrup. The calories that you are absorbing are pretty much empty. Especially when we cook, we realize that there is often a bit of sugar in every dish. That is why when we can control the source of sugar in recipes, pure maple syrup needs to be prioritize. As well as containing nutriments, maple syrup contains antioxidant and has many properties that are positive for our health. Maple syrup is the best sugary product on the market. It gives you the energy you need while still giving you part of your daily nutriments. Most of all, those benefits don’t diminish the exquisite sugary taste of maple syrup. If you have a sugar craving, maple syrup will certainly fulfil that need. The taste of sweetness is just as present, if not more, than with other categories of sugar. We could definitely say that maple is a good sugar for two reasons. First, pure maple syrup is a natural substance that contains no additives whatsoever. The product is only a result of a texture transformation obtained through boiling. You are eating closer to nature. Second, maple syrup gives your body nutriments such as manganese, zinc, calcium and much more as well as being a good source of energy. As a result, many nutritionists recommend incorporating maple products in the diets of athletes. On the other hand, the processed sugars tend to have a lot of calories and no nutriments.

You will also realize that it is pretty easy to replace refined sugar by maple syrup. 1 cup of white sugar is equivalent to 2/3 to ¾ of a cup of pure Canadian maple syrup. The difference in quantity varies because certain grades of maple syrup taste sweeter and stronger than others. Before using maple as a substitute, simply remember to verify what grade you have to use the right amount. The sweeter the syrup, the less you need to substitute sugar.

You can put it in muffins, in your daily morning coffee, on your natural yogurt, in your marinade or salad dressing. If you use your imagination, the possibilities are truly endless. It goes well with sweet recipes as well as with savory ones. However, remember that you need less maple syrup than sugar because maple syrup has naturally a sweeter taste and the necessary quantity varies depending on the grades of the product. It still needs to be consumed moderately but it is an amazing alternative to sugar in recipes.

Sure, it takes a bit of time to make the transition and getting use to put maple syrup in recipes and such, instead of refined sugar, but once you do, you will realize that most of the time, this processed sugar is replaceable. Experimenting and trying new things is definitely a good way to learn more about the diverse uses of maple syrup. Not convinced yet? More experiment means more great food to taste! Who ever said no to a nice batch of muffins? The important thing is to take the time to share this experience with your loved ones. You know, there is a connection between your taste buds and your memory, go and use that phenomenon and maple syrup to create vivid memories with your entourage. However, in all your excitement please remember to consume maple syrup intelligently, because it still is a sweetener. Don’t go and pour it all over your food, put some on your pancakes and in recipes and you’re good to go.



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