Is maple syrup vegan/gluten free?

Is maple syrup vegan/gluten free?

The world around us is evolving and so is our food consumption. It might be for your own health, your own beliefs or even because you have a condition such as celiac disease, but veganism and gluten free diets are becoming much more common around us. However, it can be pretty complicated to navigate through the multiple brands and food and know if they correspond with our eating lifestyle.

Concretely, what is veganism? Veganism is a way of life that excludes the consumption of products that exploit or that are cruel to animals. Mainly, we think about veganism as a food diet, but it is also a habit on a day to day basis with clothing, makeup and every other type of domestic products. It is much bigger than a diet, it is a perception of the world around us and a method to fight animal cruelty. For instance, a vegan would buy domestic products that are not tested on animals and would never ever own a leather bag. It is a way of changing their habits to make a statement about their own beliefs and about the changes that need to happen in society. This lifestyle can be chosen because they want to do what’s best for the environment and be greener or even because they believe that every living creature has a right to freedom. Their convictions are also reflected in their food diet. It is mostly plant based and again, rejects everything that has to do with exploitation of animals. Concretely, that means that they would not consume foods like meat, dairy products, eggs and much more. It is often daunting at the beginning because it is difficult to know if the products that we love are vegan.

Pure maple syrup is a 100% vegan. Maple syrup is a product that comes from the trees. The process doesn’t hurt the sugar maples and they are able to regenerate themselves in the long term. Pure maple syrup doesn’t contain any additives at all, therefore, you don’t have to worry about added ingredients that might not fit with your ethics. Pure maple syrup comes directly from nature and the only transformation is done with boiling, nothing is added. Moreover, pure maple syrup contains a lot of nutriments that are essential daily. The main challenge with veganism is that without meat, dairy and eggs, it is harder to have a good number of nutriments. Therefore, instead of consuming refined sugar that doesn’t have nutriments, maple syrup is a healthy substitute to add to your diet without having any remorse. Also, we, at Canadian Maple Company, make biologic maple syrup, therefore when producing, we always think about environment and sustainability.

And what about gluten free? Gluten is a protein that is found in most of our food, even in products that we don’t suspect. It is a sneaky protein that is really common in bread, pasta, but also in so many transformed products like caramels, marinades, sauces and more. More precisely, gluten is found in the big 5 categories: wheat, oat, rye, barley and triticale. A gluten free diet, is a diet where you consume no gluten at all. Some people make that choice for personal beliefs, but there is also a number of people that are affected by celiac disease. This disease can be really damaging over time, so it is essential for them to not consume gluten at all. Believe me, when someone tells you that you have this condition, you just do not know how to eat anymore. Your whole world as you know it is changed and the simplest action becomes a challenge. Thus, you are very thankful when someone helps you to see the way about certain products.

I am telling you, pure maple syrup doesn’t contain any form of gluten. It is safe for people who have a gluten free diet. The reason is pretty simple, pure maple syrup doesn’t contain any additives of any nature, the main ingredient is maple water and that is it. Although, be vigilant because it is true with pure maple syrup, but I can’t assure you that there is no gluten in maple syrups that aren’t pure and that contain other supplements. My advice in that case is to carefully read the ingredients on the bottle, however if you want to be certain, consume pure maple syrup.

Either way, if you are vegan or eating gluten free, pure maple syrup is absolutely in sync with your reality or beliefs. We are happy to say that we are here to give you a product that is safe for you and for our current world.



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