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The love story between maple syrup and Thanksgiving
Like it is the case for other seasons, fall does have its holidays, some of which are enjoyed more depending on the beholder. In any case, this season is notably associated with the most grateful time of the year: Thanksgiving. While some people don’t really see the point of overeating

Like it is the case for other seasons, fall does have its holidays, some of which are enjoyed more depending on the beholder. In any case, this season is notably associated with the most grateful time of the year: Thanksgiving. While some people don’t really see the point of overeating at the end of November, many of us actually enjoy this holiday with a passion. Indeed, it is about more than just eating. Being thankful for the bountiful harvest we were blessed with. Driving for miles just to see your family. Finding the best recipes so your loved ones truly enjoy the long weekend. Gathering around the table and creating great memories together. All of those reasons make of Thanksgiving one of the best American holidays all year round. Sure, the weather outside might not necessarily be the most enjoyable if you’re big on hot afternoons and mojitos, but there are still some positives to it. For instance, it is more satisfying and comfortable to treat ourselves to some warm foods when the air is chilly outside. Thanksgiving meals really bring a sparkle of joy in the eyes of your guests, along with some warmth they simply cannot complain about.

The holiday has been celebrated for years in Canada and the United States, although it does not happen on the same day in both countries. While it is held on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, it is instead celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada. Many people think Canadians celebrate it earlier because it is colder, the harvest thus happening before that of the United States. But in truth, the date is different because this holiday would have had a different origin in both countries. You probably have heard the story of how the Native Americans and English pilgrims got together to celebrate the first American Thanksgiving with a feast in Plymouth. Well, the story is not exactly the same in Canada. In fact, it is believed the holiday would have started sooner in the maple-leaf country, but it was not a national holiday for years and Canadians started to look to the Thanksgiving feasts of their southern neighbors after a while. It was eventually decided that the holiday should be held on a Monday.

Other than that, did you know Thanksgiving is actually celebrated in more than 15 countries in the world? The holiday might not have exactly the same meaning everywhere, but it is still enjoyed by many people from China, Germany and Brazil, for example. In any case, Thanksgiving is generally seen as a positive event, no matter the country in which it is held.

Thanksgiving does not have the same importance nor meaning for all families. Some still see religious motivations in such a holiday, while others simply want to have a good time with their loved ones. One thing’s for certain though, this day is characterized by all the early winter foods that are prepared for the occasion, because there is not better way to be grateful for everything we have than through enjoying an array of delicious Thanksgiving dishes. And while a generous plate of turkey is often found at the center of the table, other foods such as soups, sides and rich desserts are also common on Thanksgiving. Some families even use pure maple syrup as an ingredient to many of those dishes, and many swear it is the best condiment ever. Because its sugary sweetness is so comforting, it has a strong natural affinity for most early winter foods. It can easily be added to your roasted turkey recipe, gravy, corn and greens casserole, candied yams and bacon, and even to your favorite pumpkin pie – everything! This sweet nectar really adds a sweet little kick to most Thanksgiving meals and it is definitely deserving of a place on your table. So, here are a few recipe ideas you could try if you wish to use some maple syrup for your holiday feast!

Maple turkey

The traditional Thanksgiving feast would not be complete without its popular poultry centerpiece, which is usually made from turkey. The plate at the center of the table can be filled with the whole bird or simply its breast. Some people go for a duck or a chicken-based meal instead, but the turkey is certainly at the core of most American Thanksgiving feasts. No matter the bird you decide to crown for the occasion, a lot of recipes actually involve maple syrup, which deliciously compliments the taste of the most tender meats and their stuffing. With the spring nectar from Mother Nature as an ingredient, you are sure to create a most tasty meal that will surely please all your loved ones. The other ingredients used vary from one recipe to another, of course, as there is more than one way to make a great Thanksgiving dish.

This specific recipe Thanksgiving maple turkey with gravy has great ratings if you wish to try it out, and can even be served with its own gravy, which is quite convenient. Your favorite stuffing recipe can also be added to the mix, so you still make honor to your old family traditions.

Delicious sides with maple syrup

Do people generally celebrate Thanksgiving eating roasted turkey and nothing else? Absolutely not! Special entrées and sides are almost as important as the main dish itself, which would look rather sad on its own. And while stuffing recipes can be used as dressing with the meat, there are a lot of other options to make the most of America’s favorite November feast. A savoury maple squash soup, for example, could be the perfect appetizer to really whet your guests’ appetite. Your family will certainly enjoy its creaminess and its distinctive taste as well. This tasty soup is not too rich, which is perfect considering the fact that the following meal will most likely be quite heavy. Plus, making this recipe is a great way to incorporate the most delicious syrup into a soup.

In the side dishes category, candied yams are probably one of the most popular, along with some other American classics. They tend to be on the less expensive side of things, they have a very pleasant taste and they’re pretty simple to make. What more could you ask? Those sweet potatoes with pecans are roasted with just a touch of maple syrup, making them a comforting dish that is both sweet and salty. You could also go for a corn casserole or a plate of green beans with bacon, or use all of those ideas at once for a more complete dinner. Once again, pure maple syrup really has its place in all those sides, as it adds subtle yet perfect earthy hints to your favorite recipes.

Maple pumpkin pie

While most people see the turkey dish as the main one, some of us actually cannot spend a proper Thanksgiving without tasting a slice of the renown pumpkin pie. And why not add a bit of maple-y deliciousness to it while we’re at it? This irresistible recipe will make you wish Thanksgiving would happen more often than only once a year, although you can easily make this yummy pie again any time you want.

The good thing is, my colleagues offer you the possibility to safely buy their delicious maple syrup online if you wish, which is perfect if you forgot to add it to your grocery shopping list. It’s also pretty convenient if you are stuck at home and the only ingredient you are missing is the syrup from maple trees.




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