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Top 10 dessert recipes
Obviously, our list of recipes would not be complete without a dessert series. As you might already know, pure maple syrup is a popular ingredient in dessert recipes and is appreciated for its particularly sweet taste. Even though it contains a lot of sugar, its flavor is still unique as

Obviously, our list of recipes would not be complete without a dessert series. As you might already know, pure maple syrup is a popular ingredient in dessert recipes and is appreciated for its particularly sweet taste. Even though it contains a lot of sugar, its flavor is still unique as it cannot be compared to that of regular granulated sugar. Needless to say it is the perfect treat to indulge your sweet tooth, and that is why so many people enjoy it. It is still a sweetener, so it should be consumed reasonably, but there is nothing wrong with adding it to your recipes from time to time.

I tried to gather ten recipes that are quite different from one another, because it is fun to try out different ideas. Of course, you can simply add a bit of maple syrup to your yogurt or vanilla ice cream for a very simple and quick dessert. But it is also possible to go for slightly more complicated recipes while still having fun. Have fun, and don’t forget to share those delicious recipes with your loved ones!

1. Maple pouding chômeur 

In Canada, this dessert is often reminiscent of all those times during our childhood when we went to a sugar shack and wolfed down an absolutely unreasonable amount of food. It is deeply rooted into our traditions and is usually accompanied by particularly great memories. Not only is the maple pudding cake a classic, it is also completely worth sharing with your family. Its comforting warmth warms us during colder winter days. The good thing is, the maple base of this dessert can easily be replaced by a mix of fruits and still be utterly delicious.

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2. Maple pecan pie

Pecans are a particularly great nut option to mix with maple syrup. They go perfectly together and a whole lot of recipes can be created with their combination. This dessert recipe is perfect to serve after a warm meal on a cold winter day but can still be enjoyed on any other day of the year. I find it especially tasty with a side of vanilla and maple ice cream. One thing is for certain: your guests will ask for more.

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3. Potato donuts with maple syrup

Many of our grandmothers used to bake donuts at home, which all had one thing in common: they were delicious. That is why homemade donuts have such a sentimental aspect to them. It is probably not the easiest dessert to make, which is why nailing the recipe and savoring your own donuts is so satisfying. You can bake them with your children or grandchildren to create your own tradition or offer them as gifts to make your friends happy. Making donuts is great because there are so many ways to season them and so many recipes for you to try out. The maple syrup one is one of them, but you could also go for cinnamon or caster sugar donuts, for example. 

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4. Apple and maple crisp 

In certain regions of Canada, the arrival of fall coincides with apple season, which is always pretty exciting. A lot of us make it a tradition to go apple-picking: some go for fun only, but others like to try their hands at many recipes with apples afterward. I personally go for both reasons. Of course, a lot of recipes with apples can be twisted as many other fruits can be used. This precise recipe, for instance, could be great with blueberries or pears. You could also try it with your favorite fruit if you’d like, so don’t hesitate to explore the various possibilities brought by this recipe.

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5. Maple sauce 

Unlike the other ideas on the list, this recipe isn’t usually made to be enjoyed on its own. Instead, it is meant to be used as a versatile addition to many desserts. For one, it can turn the plainest bowl of vanilla ice cream into a particularly delicious treat or you can drizzle it onto a simple vanilla sponge cake for a most decadent dessert. None of your evening sweet snacks will ever be boring again with this especially tasty sauce!

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6. Maple panna cotta with fruits

As with most panna cotta, this dessert recipe is on the fancier side of things. It’s perfect if you wish to demonstrate your baking skills at a dinner party, for example. Truth is, this dessert is not as complicated to make as you would think, but that can remain a secret between us. Your guests will be most impressed and pleased, and that is all that matters. Indeed, the velvety and soft taste of this panna cotta will make you look like a true chef. It is always possible to change the garnish on the top from time to time, so the recipe will feel like a new one every time you bake it.

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7. Raspberry and maple mousse

This recipe is perfect for those who have less of a sweet tooth, as it is especially light. It is a very delicate dessert, not too sweet nor rich, which could be perfect after a particularly heavy and filling meal. It is also quite fresh, so its lightweight deliciousness could be appropriate on a nice summer evening as well. Moreover, it is a great option for vegetarians as it does not require any eggs. 

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8. Caramelized pears 

This delicacy is great on its own, but it is probably even better when paired to another recipe. For instance, it could amazingly enhance your morning oatmeal or add a whole new level to a vanilla sponge cake. It is fairly easy and quick to make, which is why it is perfect when you suddenly crave for sugar and have pears in your fridge. It could also prevent you from wasting any food, as pears can easily be replaced by apples as well as by many other fruits.

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9. Microwave maple mug cake

This is the perfect recipe if you are on a diet or want to eat cake alone. Its individual portions allow you to make a smaller batter if you wish, especially compared to bigger and heavier cake recipes. That way, you do not necessarily have to eat cake for a whole week, which is great if you only wish to have dessert on a Saturday night, for example. Plus, it does not make a whole lot of cumbersome dishes to wash.

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10. Maple crunchies

Sometimes, you might have the tiniest sugar craving all of a sudden. You might feel like a piece of cake or a few cookies would be too much, but you don’t have any smaller treats on hand. This recipe is the perfect solution for such a sugar need: You can easily make the smallest amount of this delicious crisp and still benefit from a small sugar rush. Another great thing about it is, it can be good for a very long time, just like most regular candies. You can thus eat small doses over time or simply add it to your desserts when the time comes.

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