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Top 10 savory dishes
When it comes to cooking with pure maple syrup, sweet breakfasts and desserts are probably the recipes which most often come to mind. However, the syrup from maple trees can also be used in many savory dishes. I’m personally convinced it can prove to be an especially delicious complement to

When it comes to cooking with pure maple syrup, sweet breakfasts and desserts are probably the recipes which most often come to mind. However, the syrup from maple trees can also be used in many savory dishes. I’m personally convinced it can prove to be an especially delicious complement to many spices, if used in a reasonable amount. It can greatly enhance otherwise boring meals and even help picky eaters appreciate a wider variety of foods.

In this article, I will present you with ten savory recipe ideas you can easily try at home. Some of those recipes can even be tried together if you feel confident enough, and I hope you will discover something new. While some of those combinations might not necessarily tempt you, some might give you completely new ideas as well. The most important thing to remember is, it is completely fine to try your hand at something and not necessarily succeed at the first attempt. Discovering new things and exploring can lead to the most delicious recipes. 

1. Maple and ginger salmon recipe

Putting salmon in the oven can create a truly delicious meal or lead to a disaster if not cooked properly. While very popular in some countries, our favorite oily fish is not necessarily easy to cook, as it can be hard to find the perfect seasoning. Ginger, for one, is a great option if you wish to highlight the taste of the salmon. Pairing it with maple syrup can create an exceptionally tasty dish, as the three ingredients just work perfectly together. 

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2. Mustard and maple pork tenderloin

When done properly, a marinade can really make the flavor of the meat stand out. If you don’t enjoy the taste of pork alone, soaking it in a delicious home-made sauce for a few hours can be a total game changer. It can add a true je-ne-sais-quoi to a whole piece of meat, which is perfect if you are a big fan of leftovers. You could enjoy a tasty fillet with veggies and rice on the first day, for example, and put some pieces in a ramen soup or a sandwich the following days so you don’t waste anything. This pork recipe is quite versatile as it can be marinated from 20 minutes to a few hours, and that is why I enjoy it so much.

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3. Maple baked ham

In Quebec, when Easter is just around the corner, many families make it a tradition of eating thick, delicious slices of ham. While a big piece of ham can be quite intimidating, cooking it with maple syrup simply creates the tastiest savory dish there is. In my opinion, the effort is completely worth it, as it is not only delicious during springtime. Plus, a big chunk of ham can yield leftovers for days, which is fantastic.

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4. General Tao

Because we are not necessarily used to cooking such dishes, preparing a good general tao can seem difficult. In reality, this recipe is not that hard to make, and that is why I highly recommend that you try it out. The flavor of this dish is unique, as it combines just a hint of sweetness to a savory sauce. It is the type of meal the whole family can enjoy on a Friday night in front a movie, for example.

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5. Maple and bourbon pork ribs 

If you come with a plate full of such ribs at a Super Bowl party, you will definitely be the talk of the evening. This recipe blends two particularly popular ingredients: sugar and booze. What more can you ask? The sauce can also be used for a vegan alternative if you twist it up a little bit – I heard it is particularly amazing on top of some delicious Portobello mushrooms.

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6. Salad dressing 

Like many people, you might associate a plate of greens to Caesar salads, but that is far from being the only healthy recipe that is worth of your time. With the right dressing, you can create the tastiest salad there is without getting sick of eating too many vegetables. This particular salad dressing recipe can be appealing to everyone, as its layers of flavors are both subtle and delicious.

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7. Refreshing beet salad

On particularly warm summer days, the last thing you usually want to eat is a complicated, oven-baked meal. Fresh foods and veggies, along with a nice, refreshing cocktail or juice, are much more appropriate when you spend a lot of time by the pool. Each bite of this salad will scream summer, and that is why warmer days are the best time to enjoy it. Because salad doesn’t have to be boring!

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8. Maple roasted tomato toasts

Sometimes, you might feel like enjoying a nice, simple meal without getting too puzzled. This toast recipe is amazing since it is made from foods that are often found at the back of your refrigerator. It is perfect if you didn’t have time to go grocery shopping and it can prevent food waste as well. So, just pop a slice of bread into your toaster and most of the work is already done!

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9. Warm maple brie

Do you wonder how to make a hit out of your party? Simply bring a plate of this exceptionally tasty recipe on the table, sit back, and relax. It is especially simple and quick to prepare and can be quite delicious on top of some crackers or water biscuits. The great thing is, this recipe has a neutral base, which means it can be enjoyed with many different toppings. For example, pecans, cranberries or caramelized onions can easily be added to the mix, and your guests will still be impressed.

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10. Side of maple glazed carrots 

When serving a nice meal to your family, you don’t usually leave a delicious piece of meat or fish all alone at the center of your plates. A vast array of sides options is available, many of which can really compliment your dish. Of course, the typical mashed potatoes or canned vegetables can do the trick, but maple glazed carrots add a certain richness to your food while still being healthy.

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