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What is the maple syrup diet and is it good for you?
Most people enjoy pure maple syrup because – let’s be honest – it is delicious. It pairs well with a lot of comfort foods, and that is why it is associated with joy for most of us. While it is versatile as it can be added to almost anything, some

Most people enjoy pure maple syrup because – let’s be honest – it is delicious. It pairs well with a lot of comfort foods, and that is why it is associated with joy for most of us. While it is versatile as it can be added to almost anything, some use maple syrup in less pleasant ways than what you are used to. For instance, it is one of the main ingredients of a trend called the “maple syrup diet” (or “Master Cleanse”), an extreme crash diet that supposedly allows you to lose a lot of weight in a little bit of time. Like most crash diets, trying out such a thing does not seem fun at all, and that probably explains why some people say, “no pain, no gain”.

All you need to try this diet is water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne. There are many versions available, some adding extra ingredients to it, but the main idea stays the same in all of them. As I mentioned, the goal of such a drastic diet is to intensively fast and slim down in a short period of time. Because it implies drinking many glasses of the mixture in a day and not eating at all, this weight loss diet is considered by many to be one of the most drastic methods. It supposedly eliminates toxins that can be found in your body, and allegedly has many other benefits on your health and mind, such as improved concentration, increased energy and shinier hair. There are many ways to apply the diet to your everyday life. For instance, you could try it for 10 days non-stop, limit it to only a day per week or substitute a meal with the maple syrup mixture everyday.

While this may seem like a good option if you desperately try to lose weight, it might not be the best method. Indeed, it can have consequences on your body, and some undesirable effects can occur quite early in the process: fatigue, pains and mental irritability are a few of them. That is because your body will crave for food, and it will be even harder for you to resist the temptation of eating. Of course, you should consult with your doctor before trying anything that intense, as it might be dangerous for your health.

Some specialists rightfully claim that crash diets such as the Master Cleanse do not help to maintain a healthy weight on the long term. It is often used to lose pounds in a short amount of time, and most people actually regain all the weight after they try such diets. That is because crash diets can diminish water retention in the body, which comes back once they go back to a normal meal plan. Also, it creates an intense cravings for food that can lead to overeating. But regaining all the weight isn’t the only consequence of such a practice. Indeed, not eating at all deprives your body from the essential nutrients it usually needs to function properly, thus slowing your metabolism and leaving you weak. That might also explain why so many people regain the weight afterward, because your metabolism restarts very quickly once you are done with the cleanse. Such a diet also causes dehydration and can put a stress on the heart, which increases the risk of heart attacks if tried repeatedly. Other symptoms can also be caused by extreme fasting, all of which can lead to some serious health problems.

Instead, here are a few healthy advices if you truly wish to engage in a short term weight-loss program. Eating less meat that is full of fat is one of the steps you could take to reduce your weight. Indeed, lean meat like chicken and fish should be preferred over beef or pork, for instance. A reduction in your carbs consumption and eating more low carb vegetables could also help in your journey. Of course, avoiding as much junk food and soft drinks as possible is also a good tip if you wish to lose weight in as little bit of time as possible. Avoiding snacks as much as possible between meals could also be helpful, and if you do eat snacks, choosing healthy ones like nuts and fruits would be a great idea. Replacing synthetic sweeteners with pure maple syrup could be a great start, as long as it is consumed reasonably. Doing physical exercise and training is said to be quite beneficial as well, and the good thing is they can be done at home without being too time-consuming. Those are only a few examples of the things you could do instead of trying the maple syrup diet. In any case, you should be able to choose the method that is the most suitable for you in order to lose some weight.

In the end, maple syrup does contain some minerals and antioxidants, but that does not mean it should necessarily be enjoyed through such an extreme diet. This sweet condiment is halfway between healthy and comfort food, and that is why it would be much better as an ingredient in your favorite recipes.




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