What is the best Canadian maple syrup?

What is the best Canadian maple syrup?

Every countries, provinces and states have their very own specialty that is renowned, something that characterizes the territory and creates its uniqueness. Mostly, it is something that makes its residents proud, like their very own particularity. In Quebec, Canada, it is without a doubt the production of a sweet liquid gold substance that we call maple syrup. Quebec produces more that 70% of the worldwide goods of maple syrup for quite some time now. Since the very beginning of Quebec’s history, maple syrup has always been an integral part of the culture and of the essence of the province. The beginning of this tradition goes way back in history. The dominance of the Quebec’s maple syrup in the industry makes it the best maple syrup in Canada as well as the most accessible.

In Quebec, the weather is incredibly favorable to the production of maple syrup. There are endless forests of maple trees that can thrive in the harsh Canadian winters. The harvest of the maple tree sap can only happen when certain specific conditions are met. Effectively, the production of maple syrup is only possible in North America because the coldness of the winter is essential to the process. The sap of maples trees only flows when the days are warmer than the congelation point and when the nights are under 0ºC. These variations of climate can only be found in few regions in the world, such as Quebec. Although, with climate change, there is a risk that these temperatures get warmer in the future, compromising the production of maple syrup at the same time, especially in the region that are situated more in the south. Lucky for now, Quebec is located up north, therefore their productions are most likely to survive the changes while the ones in the United States might find the next years difficult. It is accurate to say that all the producers are affected, from whatever region, but the Canadian production, especially Quebec, seems to be in a more viable situation in the long term.

The best Canadian maple syrup is surely the one that fits with your gustative preferences as well as your beliefs. Sometimes, you have to explore different products or even producers in order to discover what you favor in a maple syrup. Is it the taste? The organization culture of the producers behind the maple?  Their ways of producing? It is all very subjective and it is impossible to taste all the great Canadian producers, but once the consumers find out, they mostly keep the same producers throughout the years, because they know that they produce the maple syrup that they love. More often than not, this producer is passed through generations in a same family. You buy what you know you love and mostly what you trust.

We, at Canadian Maple Company, give you the very best of the Canadian maple syrups. We provide you something that is fully natural and that is close to nature. We follow what the consumers want and we adapt in that sense. We know that the most produced syrup is the color grade amber that has a rich flavor. We decide to offer to you this grade because we know it’s what the market prefers. Our maple trees and our production are the ways that connect us to nature the most. We understand that the consumers do to, they want to consume products from an organization that has the well-being of the planet at heart. Our production is in sync with today’s reality. We love our maple groves just as much as we love our planet, this is why we produce in a sustainable way to ensure that we can give the next generations the pleasure of tasting maple syrup on a Sunday brunch with family. We consider every each and one of our customers like a member of our extended family and, know that, we put so much effort in giving you the best Canadian maple syrup. Every time you consume a bottle of our very own, you are spreading a bit of our legacy. We think that it is important that you know what are the crucial beliefs of your producers and who’s behind that amber glass bottle.

Ultimately, the best Canadian maple syrup is the one that you will decide to incorporate in your routine. The one that will always make the kids happy when they pour it over their crisp hot waffles during a family breakfast, the one that you store years after years in your pantry and the one you will always reach for when doing nice recipes. For us, it is not only a product, it is something that needs to be in sync with your beliefs and a product that you are proud of consuming. From our family to yours, enjoy every sip of that best Canadian maple syrup.

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