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In Canada, the "temps des sucres" comes when the cold winter nights are followed by days of thaw. As the days slowly warm up, the maple sap starts to flow and only then can the season truly begin.

Our delicious maple syrup is produced in the heart of the Parc des Appalaches, in Sainte- Lucie, which is located in the province of Quebec, near the Maine border. Each year, the sugar shack Bistreau d'érable gathers many families from all over the province, so they can enjoy one of the finest Canadian delicacies in a most authentic and rustic atmosphere. As of
today, the sugar bush musters approximately 24,000 tree taps and is located on the side of the Sugar Loaf mountain. So, when the maple trees stretch toward the sky to capture the early rays of the spring sun, they are the first to be kissed by the warmer daylight in order to produce maple water. We transform this water to create the spring nectar sought after all
over the world: the purest maple syrup there is.

Throughout the years, our family has worked with maple syrup while continually refining its techniques. We are vowed to honor the traditions that made the province of Quebec what it is today and we truly cherish our ties to its rich history. We are as proud of our roots that we are of our work. That is why our
current equipment allies both tradition and modernity. In an effort to preserve them both, our family embraces heritage and innovation in order to offer a high-quality product that is utterly pure and exquisite. For that reason, we are convinced that our maple syrup is one of the best available. With its delicious mountain taste, it is a genuine treasure offered directly by Mother Nature, perhaps to make us forget the harshness of our winters.

Our maple syrup is certified as organic by Ecocert Canada, which is the reference in terms of sustainable practices and organic certification in Canada.

Our pure organic maple syrup has become known for its unique flavor and unparalleled quality.

This year, Jérôme, our master sugarmaker, has tasted each batch in order to find the best, the richest and the tastiest one. It has always been what we reserve for our friends, our family and 'those in the know'. Now it's available to you, in a very limited quantity.

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