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What sets your maple syrup apart from others?

Our delicious maple syrup is produced in the heart of the Parc des Appalaches, in the province of Quebec, Canada. Each year, our sugar shack gathers many families from all over the country, so they can enjoy one of the finest Canadian delicacies in a most authentic and rustic atmosphere. As of
today, our sugar bush musters approximately 24,000 tree taps and is located on the side of the Sugar Loaf mountain. So, when the maple trees stretch toward the sky to capture the early rays of the spring sun, they are the first to be kissed by the warmer daylight in order to produce maple water. We transform this water to create the spring nectar sought after all over the world: the purest maple syrup there is.

Throughout the years, our family has worked with maple syrup while continually refining its techniques. We are vowed to honor the traditions that made the province of Quebec what it is today and we truly cherish our ties to its rich history. We are as proud of our roots that we are of our work. That is why our current equipment allies both tradition and modernity. In an effort to preserve them both, our family embraces heritage and innovation in order to offer a high-quality product that is utterly pure and exquisite. For that reason, we are convinced that our maple syrup is one of the best available. With its delicious mountain taste, it is a genuine treasure offered directly by Mother Nature, perhaps to make us forget the harshness of our winters.

Our maple syrup is also certified as organic by Ecocert Canada, which is the reference in terms of sustainable practices and organic certification in Canada.

What is the Canadian Maple Company 100% satisfaction guarantee?

We stand 100% behind our maple syrup and we want you to be absolutely satisfied with the products you receive from us. If you are not delighted, we will make it right with a full refund.


- The maple syrup was purchased less than a year ago;

- Canadian Maple Company is notified of the problem by email within 30 days of the item being delivered and/or opened;

- No more than 25% of the content has been consumed prior to your claim.

Once everything is received and approved, you will be automatically refunded via the payment method you used during the initial transaction. Please note that delivery costs are not covered, as only the price of the maple syrup bottle will be refunded to you. Also, please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process the refund.

What is your contact information?

If you wish to reach us quickly, email us here. Our phone number is +1 (647) 797-1240 and we are located at 51 6e Rang O in Sainte-Lucie-de-Beauregard and our postal code is G0R 3L0.

What does “pure maple syrup” mean?

A bottle of maple syrup that is labelled as “pure” means the syrup is free of any unnecessary ingredients or additives. In other words, it only contains one ingredient: maple syrup. You can rest assured that our product is absolutely 100% pure, as we work hand in hand with Mother Nature to offer you the most authentic maple syrup there is.

Is your maple syrup organic?

Absolutely! Our maple syrup is boiled with 100% sustainable wood fuel, and is free of any harmful chemicals and additives. We do not boost the growth of our trees with any synthetic supplements either. That is why our maple syrup has been certified 100% organic by Ecocert Canada, which is the reference in terms of sustainable practices and certifications in Canada.

Is your maple syrup vegan?

Yes, our product is indeed vegan because pure maple syrup is solely plant-based. Some producers use animal fat to reduce the amount of foam in their syrup, but we do not. Our product is also gluten-free.

How should maple syrup be stored?

An unopened bottle of maple syrup can be good for a very long time, as long as it is kept in a dry and cool place such as your pantry. A container than has already been opened, however, will keep the freshness of the syrup for a shorter amount of time. That is why opened bottles should be stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer to prevent the apparition of mold in the syrup. If kept in an airtight bottle and stored properly, maple syrup can be good for up to a year in the refrigerator and almost indefinitely in the freezer.

Why are there different colors of maple syrup?

The point at which the sap has been harvested during the season influences the color and the flavor of the resulting maple syrup. The earlier the sap has been collected, the lighter and the more delicate the syrup will be. The opposite is also true. For instance, our product has an amber color and a smooth yet rich taste to it because it has been produced mid-season approximately. A darker grade of maple syrup would have a stronger taste and would have been made closer to the end of the sugaring season.

Why is there a grading system for maple syrup?

Its purpose is to classify maple syrup based on its color and taste. In 2015, a new standardized system has been established in the U.S. and in Canada, which is why both countries now have the same labels. It is now easier for customers to find the products they enjoy, thanks to the clear and consistent grades found in the two countries.

What are the grades of maple syrup?

The Grade A Golden Color, Delicate Taste maple syrup is produced at the beginning of the season. It has a distinctive yellow shade to it, and its taste is distinctively mild.

The Grade A Amber Color, Rich Taste is usually produced mid-season, and is of a darker color. Its flavor is smooth yet has characteristic and delicious hints of maple to it. There is definitely a reason why it is the most popular grade.

The Grade A Dark Color, Robust Taste is quite dark in color and has an unmistakable maple-packed taste, but it is more versatile than the darkest grade of maple syrup.

The Grade A Very Dark Color, Strong Taste is produced at the very end of the sugaring season and has the strongest flavor of them all.

Finally, any maple syrup that does not qualify as Grade A is identified as the Processing Grade.

Why are there bubbles in my maple syrup?

Small bubbles often appear in maple syrup when its bottle has been shaken. Those bubbles are completely natural and harmless – nothing to be alarmed of. If you are still worried by their presence, simply wait a few hours as they will disappear over time.

Want to know anything else?

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Why are there crystals in my maple syrup?

If your maple syrup has stayed for a long while in your refrigerator or has been overheated, small crystals may form at the bottom of the bottle. Although they might worry you, those crystals are completely harmless and are indeed edible. They are the same as maple candy and do not alter the quality of your maple syrup in any way. If you wish to remove them, simply scrape them off or pour a hot liquid in the bottle in order to dissolve them.

Why is my maple syrup cloudy?

If your maple syrup has become cloudy or has a film on top of it, it might be an indicator that mold is growing inside the bottle. This can happen if the product has not been stored properly. The good news is you do not have to throw your maple syrup away, as this mold is non-toxic and does not permanently alter the quality and taste of the product. You can simply filter the syrup in another container with cheesecloth, or boil the syrup and sterilize the bottle in order to eliminate the mold. The syrup will then be as good as new.

However, if the mold has been allowed to grow for a considerable period of time, the maple syrup can indeed be ruined and should not be consumed.

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Save yourself the time and trouble of writing the same email over and over again by listing your most commonly asked questions and answers here. A dedicated FAQ page should help address the basic needs of your customers, cutting down on customer service emails, increasing conversions, and creating a more satisfying shopping experience!

When is maple season in Quebec?

In the province of Quebec, the sugaring season usually begins in March and ends in April. It can last anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on the conditions. However, most of the time, we usually have about five to six weeks to harvest the maple sap.

How do you make maple syrup?

Each year, maple trees are tapped and those taps are connected one by one to a long tubing system. That tube allows a certain amount of sap to travel all the way to a large container where it is stored. Since maple sap is essentially sweet water, we have to boil it down in order for the excess water to evaporate. This process creates a substance that is thicker and sweeter than the sap because it is more concentrated in sugar. That delicious substance is known as maple syrup. Its production seems simple enough but necessitates the completion of multiple steps that require both skills and efforts.

Where does maple sap come from?

When cold winter nights start to alternate with days of thaw, maple trees gradually pull water from the ground, which they then filter through their roots. This water gathers nutrients stored in the tree as it flows and is destined to nourish its host throughout the season. The distinctive temperature of the sugaring season creates a pressure that allows for the sap to be pushed out of the taps and boiled down to create maple syrup.

What are the ideal conditions for maple sap to flow?

The ideal conditions for the sap to flow are quite precise, and that is why maple season does not last for a very long time. Indeed, cold winter nights that fall bellow the freezing point and days of thaw are both essential for the maple water to run. If the days are too cold, the sap will not flow as it will be frozen. In contrary, if the nights become too warm, the tree buds will soon “pop” and the sap will lose its sweetness. That is why unstable temperatures can prove a real challenge for maple producers.

How much sap does it take to make a gallon of syrup?

The amount of sap required to produce a single gallon of syrup depends on the species of the maple tree. For sugar maples, which are the most common trees in sugarbushes, it takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. The sugar maple has a higher content in sugar, therefore its sap leaves a higher amount of syrup when all the excess water has evaporated. That is why other types of maple trees require even more sap to produce the same amount of syrup.

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Save yourself the time and trouble of writing the same email over and over again by listing your most commonly asked questions and answers here. A dedicated FAQ page should help address the basic needs of your customers, cutting down on customer service emails, increasing conversions, and creating a more satisfying shopping experience!

Can all maple trees be tapped?

There are many species of maple trees and maple syrup can be made from more than one of them. Most producers use the sugar maple because its sap has a higher concentration in sugar than other species, meaning it leads to a larger production of syrup. The black maple and the red maple also produce a sweet sap, among others.

In any case, a maple tree can be tapped when it has reached 40 years, or 10 inches in diameter. After that, a tree can be tapped almost indefinitely if the producer takes care of it properly.

How much syrup do you get from a single tree?

That depends on the season and on the size and species of the tree, notably. One tap yields in average 15 gallons of sap, but it can reach a much higher amount if the conditions are favorable. A tree generally has only one tap, but the larger ones can have two of them.

Does tapping hurt maple trees?

In order to produce maple water, maple trees must be preserved as much as possible. That is why taking care of our trees proves an essential task and is probably more important than maintaining our equipment. Indeed, hurting the trees can cost the equivalent of many years of maple syrup production. That is why we limit the number of gallons collected per tree each year to a maximum of 10% of the sap produced by each tree. We also make sure to drill a new tap hole in a different place every time in order for the trees to heal correctly, which ensures their longevity.

Can I order safely despite COVID-19?

Absolutely! Many of our activities for the 2020 season have been canceled, but our shop has reopened and we take all the necessary precautions regarding health and safety. You can order our maple syrup with peace of mind, knowing we sanitize our hands and thoroughly clean our installations, our bottles and their packaging, as well as everything else that might have come in contact with your product. The well-being and safety of our customers is our number one priority!

When will my order arrive?

All orders are processed and sent out within 12 hours. If you are located in the U.S., you should expect to receive your package in 4-5 working days approximately. For other customers, the delivery date will vary depending on where you are located.

When placing an order, our system estimates shipping costs and delivery time based on the shipping option chosen, the weight of the order and the information you provided. It might give you a better idea as to when your order should arrive at your door.

If experiencing a high volume of orders, the shipping date indicated by our system might be slightly delayed. We will contact you by e-mail or telephone should this delay become significant.

You will also be provided with a Shipment Confirmation and a tracking number within 24 hours after your order has been shipped. Please note that we do not take responsibility for orders delayed by USPS, Canada Post, UPS or customs.

What are your shipping rates?

Our rates mostly depend on the weight of the package and the address where it will be delivered. When purchasing our products, our system will estimate those rates depending on the information you provided. Rest assured that we continuously strive to provide you with the best shipping rates on the market by adapting the shipping agreements with our suppliers. Our high-end maple syrup bottles are heavy, and that is why we do our best to give you the best prices possible.

Please note that we do not take responsibility for any unexpected customs fees or taxes applied to your order during or after shipping.

Are your products shipped worldwide?

Yes! We ship both in Canada and internationally, so you can enjoy our maple syrup no matter where you are located. We can also ship to P.O. boxes, as well as to APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

What if my products are damaged on their way home?

Canadian Maple Co. will be liable for any product damaged during shipping. If your order has indeed been damaged, please contact us so we can replace it.

Please keep in mind that photos of the damaged goods must be e-mailed to us within 2 days of the reception for the replacement to take place. Should you send back products to us, please also note that shipping costs are not covered by our return policy.

What if my order is lost?

We cannot be held responsible for Porch Pirates. If the carrier company states your package was delivered but you did not receive it, we are unfortunately not responsible for the loss.

Is maple syrup healthier than sugar?

Absolutely! It has been proven that pure maple syrup contains minerals and antioxidants that are good for your health. Those are obviously not found in granulated sugar, which is one of the reasons why maple syrup proves to be a much better sweetener option. Plus, the syrup from maple trees is much tastier!

Are pure maple syrup and pancake topping the same thing?

No, they are very different. While maple water is boiled down to directly create pure maple syrup, pancake syrup is often made with high-fructose corn syrup and has nothing to do with the real thing. In fact, the latter often contains no maple syrup at all, but have instead many chemicals and additives to them.

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