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You can sincerely put maple syrup in almost anything and everything. Once you adopt it you will surely put it in all of your recipes, but at the beginning it can be quite hard to know with what flavors maple syrup can stand out. Pure maple syrup is healthy (mettre

You can sincerely put maple syrup in almost anything and everything. Once you adopt it you will surely put it in all of your recipes, but at the beginning it can be quite hard to know with what flavors maple syrup can stand out. Pure maple syrup is healthy (mettre le lien vers l’article Is maple syrup healthy/good for you), so it is a great substitute to other types of sugar. On a daily basis, you can use it as a sweetener in your coffee, yogurt, smoothie, oatmeal, jam, almost every snack you can think about. We decided to give you a top 10 to present you few ideas to start experimenting with this maple product. Once you did a number of these suggestions, you will start to get the trick and be able to explore on your own. The magic word here is : play. Play with the recipes because they are all easy to adapt to your taste and preferences.

1. Blueberry smoothie

The great thing with a smoothie is that it can be a nutritional snack as well as a great start to a busy morning. You can use a whole lot of various fruits and always end up with something different. Another great thing: you can put maple syrup as a sweetener in it without feeling bad. On my part, when I want a sweet hint, I always put maple syrup in my smoothie. You can also adjust the portion if you have a sweet tooth. 

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2. Apple compote

Apple or fruit compote is a great snack that is really easy to cook at home. It is always a big hit with children as well as with adults. If you have troubles making your kids eat fruits, this is the way. They consume a great portion without them noticing it. You can also change the recipe and play with it according to your own preferences and the fruits that are most accessible to you. You can pair apples with anything, strawberries, pears, peaches, cherries and maple syrup highlights the multiple flavors of the mixture. 

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3. Chia pudding 

If you are a tapioca or a rice pudding lover, you will certainly adore this recipe. I, on the other hand, don’t like those desserts normally, but I do love snacking with chia pudding. It is really easy, can be made with what you have in the fridge and sustain you when you need a healthy snack. What I especially like with this recipe is that you can also adapt it according to what you love. 

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4. Granola 

In harmony with the last recipe, granola is a great way to effortlessly make your snack more filling. It is easy for you to prepare your granola beforehand, keep it in your pantry and season your recipes when needed. It is great on yogurt, on chia pudding, on smoothie bowls and you will end up with recipes full of nutriments. Believe me, you won’t feel the need to snack other things after that. 

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5. Nut mix with maple 

We all have experienced a chip craving or just the need to eat something that has that satisfying crunch and snap. I have the answer to your future craving: nut mix. It is so satisfying to eat and it is way healthier and filling that any of those crisps on the market. You can also bake a big portion and have a tasteful snack for the rest of the week or serve it at a party. Let me tell you, they will be a bigger hit that your usual barbecue peanuts bought at the store. 

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6. Paprika and maple dried chickpeas

This is pretty much in the same lane than the other recipe before. You can do dried chickpeas, but you can also use this recipe to bake sunflower or pumpkin seeds. You see, you can even adapt it with every season or if you are not a leguminous fan, how could you say no to that? 

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7. Maple and peanut butter snack cookies

We all had those days when we can barely sit and eat because we are so busy. We pass through the day like a storm. In those days, it is always handy to have a filling snack that we can carry around easily and eat on important papers without making a full mess. I really like the next recipe because it is one that you can easily freeze for few months and unfreeze the necessary portion depending on your needs. You don’t even have to think about it beforehand, you can grab one in the freezer in the morning and eat it by lunch.

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8. Energy bites

When you have done an intense training, you often experience a drop of energy after but it is rare that you can have time to sit it out. Most of the time, you’ll end up having a whole lot of tasks to complete even if you feel down. Those energy bites are nutritive and can give you the boost of energy you need after an effort. It is easy to carry and it takes simply one bite to enjoy it. 

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9. Banana bread

Banana bread is a great way to use your bananas that started to brown. You can either use fresh or frozen bananas, but it is a great habit to have when you see that you will not be able to eat all of your bananas. This prevents you from wasting too much food. Banana bread is absolutely delicious with a coffee on the side and can complete a fast breakfast. 

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10. Maple and pecans muffins

The last but not the least, muffins. It is not always considered to be the healthiest snack but you know what, sometimes it is okay to have a sugar craving. So here is to treating yourself and bringing sunshine in a harder day. 

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